This section contains scans of all eighteen pages of the woodie supliment. Pages 1-3 are diagrams of the body, and the remaining fifteen pages list the part type, description and part numbers for everything related to the wood body. All images open in a new window.

Page 1: Main body diagram
Page 2: Doors and seats diagram
Page 3: Tailgate and rear seat diagram
Page 4: Electrical, hood and body parts
Page 5: Body hold down & glove compartment
Page 6: Glove box, bumpers, glass channels, doors
Page 7: Doors, door handles
Page 8: Door handles, lock cylinders, door locks, floor mats
Page 9: Mirrors, mouldings, trim
Page 10: Liners, floor pans, instrument panel
Page 11: Instrument panel, wood panels
Page 12: Pillars, window regulators, glass runs, auxiliary seat
Page 13: Seat guides, rear seat, sills, tailgate
Page 14: Tailgate, cowl ventilator, weatherstrip
Page 15: Weatherstrip, windows
Page 16: Windows, windshield, windshield wipers
Page 17: Center seat, arm rests headliner, trim panels
Page 18: Front and rear seat trim, visor trim, windlace