Mar 3rd Disasembling the frame and front end:
Have been waiting for parts and waiting for sandblasting. First two pics are the frame and front end being disasembled. Parts should be blasted and painted in a week or so and we will start assembling everything again. Third pic is the genererator and starting motor rebuilt and repainted.
Mar 18th Parts coming back:
All parts but the main body are sandblasted and getting painted. First two pics are the body off of the frame. Third pic is the fenders and hood with a protective primer coat. Fourth pic is the tailgate with base primer. 5th pic is the brake drums blasted, painted, and ready to be turned. Frame and front end will be ready in three days. Engine rebuild kit has also arrived, and the rebuiders should have it done soon. Finally we are ready to start putting the car back together!
Mar 22nd Ready for reassembly:
Sandblasting and painting was done by GemBlasters in Chilliwack BC. Their process is claimed to be more durable, and longer lasting than powder coating. 3rd Pic is the rear springs broken apart, rearced, and painted individually. Everything on the car right down to the nuts and bolts will be brand new or like new.
Apr 8th Floorpans & refinishing dashboard:
Floorboards on the woody are really bad, so we are replacing the whole front section with floorbards from a donor car. As you can see, the donor floorboards are in excellent shape, and will look much better than patching the old ones. Have also refinished the woodgrain dashboard, and made a page showing step by step instructions on how refinish woodgrain dashboards. First pic is the base coat, second a closeup of the woodgrain, third a picture of the finished dash.