Nov 23rd Car arrives:
Heres my woodie the day it arrived. The floor boards and rockers have to be replaced, but remarkably, nothing else is rusted out. No drive train, but I bought another '49 parts car that has salvagable running gear. Wont be the original drive train, but at least it will be correct for the year.
Nov 30 Removing wood and trim
Removed the doors and sorting out the pieces. Woods in pretty bad shape, but enough is there to make patterns for the new wood. All the small trim pieces and hardware gets bagged and labeled for repair and reassembly.
Jan 15 Removing running gear:
Engine is out, and on its way to the rebuilders. Rad was tested, cleaned and stripped, but has some dents that cant be pounded out. I straightend as much as I could, and filled the dents in with solder. Oil pan is also rusted and dented. Will have an "after" pic of the rad and oil pan in a couple of weeks. Body is coming off the frame next week, and the frame will go to the bead blasters.
Jan 30 Repairing and rebuilding parts:
Almost ready to remove the body. Bought new starter and generator, but they were'nt the same, so took them back and sent the old ones in to get rebuilt. Other parts are being sorted out, getting bead blasted and painted. Second picture is the transmission pulled apart. Third picture is handbrake mechanism bead blasted and rebuilt. The whole transmission will look like this when its done.
Feb 8 Dissassembly and and sandblasting parts:
First pic is the engine compartment parts sandblasted and primed. Second and third pictures are the tailgate and dashboard disassembled and ready for sandblasting.