This is a record of my own '49 Plymouth woodie restoration started on Nov 23rd 2005. You can view it from the begining here.

June 12 Starting to reassemble the car again!
First picture is the new rocker panels. Second pic is the front and rear end being assembled back on the frame. Rebuilt engine is under the plastic to the left. Have also started the woodwork. Third picture is the CNC machine we are making pieces on, and the fourth picture is a the door pillar we made on it. Takes a long time to program a CNC machine, but once done, a mirror image for the passenger side only took an hour to make.
July 20 Running gear and engine installed.
Running gear and frame are done and waiting for the body. Third and fouth pictures are the rear floor pan showing the rusted piece cut out and the new pan in place. We will be ready to mount the body back on the frame in about three weeks.
Nov 10 Floorpan done, body sandblasted.
The floorpan is finished, the body has been sandblasted, and is ready to install. I have a lot of the woodwork done, but ran out of space, and had to build another shop in my back yard to finish it. Will also need the car to do the fitting before I go much farther. Inner panels were covered with tar. They had to be scraped by hand before sandblasting. Lots of work, but a propane torch softens it up enough to scrape it off. Good news is the tar protected them and they are in great shape.
Apr 4 Putting it back together.
Top has been welded back on to the body, and all body parts have been reassebled to make sure everything fits. Painting is done, and 100's of pieces have been rebuild, repaired or replaced. Now to start putting it back together. Second picture is the steering wheel and dashboard reinstalled
Aug 6 Mechanical work is done and installing new wiring. I have pulled all the insturments apart to clean and test them, and should be able to start the car up and test drive it in about two weeks. A lot of the woodwork has been roughed in and Im hoping to have it all in place this fall.
April 2010 Starting to fit the woodwork. Got the engine running and everything sounds great. Hopefully will have the doors on and be able to take it for a test drive this summer. First picture is shaper set up to do finger joins. Next two are rough fitting the wood to make sure it fits
September 2010 Passenger side nearly finished. Will have all the wood done this month and have taken it for the first test drive. Seems to run fine! Still lots to do, but its a living breathing woody now.
August 2012 car is finished!!!. Car is pretty much finished and has won awards in the first two shows I took it to. Still working on odds and ends and touch ups, but woodies are pretty rare in my area, and its getting a lot of attention when I take it out. Sure is nice to be driving it instead of just working on it every day.